Engineering goods, Automotive, Electronics & Appliances, belong to a cluster of manufacturers wherein the manufacturing processes uses a complex Multilevel BOMs while process manufacturing uses Multiple Recipes and Formulas.

The Logistics challenges in a discrete environment is to reconcile with assemblies, serial numbers, bundling & spares management, warranties and returns. Vinson Logistics Solutions offers many interventions for the Discrete Manufacturing Industry. All meant to address to each specificity of the industry demands. Our consulting advisory service provides organizations to objectively arrive at optimal logistics outsourcing decisions. We help in setting up standard operating procedures and conduct audits to arrive at effective solutions.

On the technology solutions offered, our transportation and warehousing applications come with its unique flavors to cater to the demands of the industry.

Integration is offered to the Store front application

Track and trace, visibility solutions combined with billing applications provides an end to end perspective towards managing the supply chain costs.Supplier to manufacturer, supplier to supplier movements can not only be easily tracked and transportation legs optimized by identification of the ‘right’ vehicle configurations.

For organizations falling under the ‘process’ industry definitions, Vinson’s supply chain solutions provide obligatory requisite’s for lots, batch numbering, batch tracking, shelf life, near expiry and expiry tracking capabilities.

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